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Harmonee 2012 EOOD is a Bulgarian company engaged in the modernization and expansion of the zinc production of the former Lead-Zinc Complex in Kardjali, southern Bulgaria.
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Harmonee 2012 received a Certificate for Investor Class A for the project “Waelz Facility for processing of zinc bearing materials”


Harmonee 2012 received a Certificate for Investor Class A, under the Investment Promotion Act during a ceremony at the Ministry of Economy on August 4th, 2020 in Sofia. The prestigious certificate was presented by the Minister of Economy Mr. Lachezar Borisov (on the right) and the Vice Minister of the Economy Mr. Stamen Yanev (on the left).


“I would like to express my gratitude to the Municipality of Kardzhali, in whose face we met a fair and serious partner. I hope to continue our good cooperation with local and state authorities in the future, as our common goal is the development and prosperity of the region. With the realization of the project for a new Waelz kiln installation for processing of zinc-containing materials in the town of Kardzhali we have the ambition to participate in the restoration of the industrial heritage of Bulgaria. Our investment will be over BGN 46 million and includes the construction of high-tech production for zinc oxide, realized on an area of ​​35 acres. With it we will ensure the creation of over 50 new jobs for which we expect to give opportunities to professionals – specialists in metallurgy, chemistry, engineering and ecology.”


Ivan Lyudmilov Elkin, Managing director


As a social responsibility, the company has accepted the application of proven techniques and leading innovations in the waste management, energy efficiency and human resources development programs.


Key priority of the project is full compliance with all ecological requirements for environmental, air, water and soil preservation. Best available techniques (BAT) are applied for achievement of world standards in this field.


Social responsibility of the company is the appliance of proven techniques and leading innovations in the waste management, energy efficiency and human resources development programs.


The New Zinc smelter will provide the opening of new job positions for Kardjali region, which will have a significant social effect.


Our understanding for industrialization is the skillful combination combination of tradition and innovation. The development of the New Zinc Smelter project will lead to significant economic effect for the Kardjali region as well as for the country in general. The goal is to manufacture a world-class quality product, which will aid Bulgarian exports abroad.